Video Box Break – 2007 Goudey

(after you watch the video)

So the story on Reggie Jackson/Jose Canseco is a true one and it goes something like this;

In 1987, after Jose’s ’86 Rookie of the Year season in which he hit 33 home runs, Reggie Jackson joined the Oakland A’s for his last season in the majors. When Reggie walked up to Jose for the very first time he said, “Jose Cancleco?” “Jose Canclaca?” “Kid, hit 20 home runs by the all-star break and I’ll remember your name. I’ll even learn to pronounce it.”

That season Jose hit 23 by the all-star break, the first but not last time in his career he would reach that goal.



  1. You definitely have better White Sox luck than I do. I haven’t gotten one in any pack so far this year. Maybe I’ll do better on a pack I’ll open later.

    Good box break!

  2. I love watching box break videos, I feel l;ike I’m opening the packs with you, good job having your wife open the packs so as to keep the bad mojo to a minimum, that’s what I always do.

  3. Thanks, ChemGod.
    Steve, the card is mine but for some reason I have a feeling some Jeter cards might make the card available for trade. Send me some scans when you can.

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