The Baseball Card Blog community

It seems almost daily I receive an e-mail from another new owner of a baseball card blog looking to do a link exchange. As you all know, I support baseball card bloggers 100%. I left dozens of comments at ‘The Baseball Card Blog’ long before I created Wax Heaven and did I ever get as much as a link exchange in October of ’07 after not one, but two request for him to link to Wax? Not a chance. Still, he provides decent content and because of it you see a link to his blog at the links section. I work as hard as I can to reply to every comment, e-mail, or trade request. That is what being a part of the Baseball Card Blog community is.

Of course, things get hectic and a couple of weeks ago I was just too busy (and a little lazy) to leave comments. I use WordPress for my blog which means if you have a WordPress blog it takes me three seconds to leave you a comment. Unfortunately, the general baseball card blog population seems to prefer Blogger and after a while I just got tired of filling out their form each and every time I wanted to leave a comment and because of it I stopped leaving comments for a while. Well, I have changed my tune and registered with Blogger, not for another blog but just for posting comments on other card blogs. You can see my profile HERE. Yes, that sexy Antonio Banderas is yours truly.

I recommend that if you enjoy Wax Heaven and would like to make leaving comments a little less of a headache, you register for a free account. Look around. Do you see any ads? I am not trying to sell anyone anything. I just want to save you some time if you leave a lot of comments. Besides, wouldn’t you want a cool avatar like mine?

P.S – It’s Hack Wilson.



  1. Firefox + remember passwords for forms = 3 second posts on wordpress.

    The big pain in the ass for blogger comments is the capchas that change in the middle of typing your post. Plus if I sign up for a wordpress account I’m likely to start *another* blog. Can’t handle that right now.

  2. Ah! I didn’t think of that.
    Of course, I have that setting at home for my computer with Firefox but can’t do the same with my company computer, where all my posting and commenting is done from.

  3. Oh, that would be a problem then. Blogger is in bed with Google now though, so you can at least take advantage of their other stuff.

  4. I’d say the thing I hate most about Blogger is putting pictures up in the blog wizard or whatever you want to call it. But otherwise I like it. And the support from google has me wanting to know what types of integration they’ll have in the future. Also, I have never tried WordPress.

  5. I’ve tried Blogger and WordPress, and have to say they each have their good points and bad points. Overall I would say WordPress is more user friendly but that might all change with Google’s backing.

  6. I’d comment more if work didn’t block (it lets me read but not post. which is incidentally why I don’t post frequently, heh)

  7. Some blogspots give you the option of using WordPress to leave comments. I actually have a music blog on blogspot, but would have chosen wordpress if I had known about it sooner. I like wordpress a lot more.

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