Did Erick run out of toilet paper?

17 01 2008

This has got to be one of the worst signatures ever seen on a baseball card. Of course, it comes from a high-end Upper Deck product.

Is this the worst autograph you have ever seen? It’s getting my vote!




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17 01 2008

Not to hate on your boy, but Manny Ramirez’s is awful. Just do a google seach for manny ramirez autograph and look at the images. If I didn’t know who’s it was, I’d have no idea.

Also, outside the realm of baseball but still in the world of sports, Woody Paige might have the worst sig on the planet.

18 01 2008

I need to get this on my website 🙂 My kind of card!

18 01 2008

Wow. that’s… terrible.

That beats my Luis Castillo T205 scribble hands down.

18 01 2008

Aybar was traded to the Rays tonight.

18 01 2008

I love this website, but have never felt the need to post until now. When I saw that you were looking for the worst autos of all time, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I was whisked away to 1989. Ozzie Guillen’s 1989 Bowman has what might be the worst signature of all time. Judge for yourself:

18 01 2008
Mario C.

Great post, Chris!
That is horrible but I have another one that might be even worse and it’s from 2007 Bowman Chrome.

18 01 2008

Actually Erick’s brother was traded to the Rays tonight. Willy won’t go to rehab so he had to go, go, go.

18 01 2008

Wow mario, that Oliva auto was awful. Any why in the world is it 3 letters? and CLS of all things?

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