An update on the book!

On January 3rd I announced that Wax Heaven will release a ‘best-of’ book and received some positive comments, including from a key member of Beckett. Well, I have a big update.

The book will be released in two versions. There will be a FREE version that will be available at Wax Heaven for anyone to download into their computer for an entire year. The Special Edition version will be printed out (with a cover), signed by myself & Tatiana, and will include a baseball card. The card will be either a parallel (refractor, #’d), a game-used relic, or an autograph straight from my personal collection! The price has not been determined but I am looking at $10-12 with a print run of only 50 copies.

Right now I am in discussions with an amazing Miami artists who will hopefully be working on the official Wax Heaven logo and/or mascot that will be on the cover. Also, I am looking to a baseball card hobby celebrity to write a forward for the book but that really is the only challenge left.

Below is a sample piece from the artist. Expect the logo/mascot to be 100% baseball card related.



  1. Cool! Reserve me a copy of that bad boy special edition!

  2. Sounds cool to me, I might have to look into one of those special editions. I discovered your site in just this last month and visit several times a day. Keep up the good work

  3. Get Charlie Hough and his knuckleballing awesomeness as the celebrity! Also, I think you know by now that you should reserve a copy for me…

  4. I would be interested depending on the art inside, save me one if you can.

  5. Thanks for all the support guys! The next update will be the debut of the logo/mascot.

    Also, for the regulars who order the SE edition; you will receive a specific baseball card unlike the others who will get a random card. Example; Dylan will get a Cecil Fielder, Steve will get a White Sox, etc.

    The random cards will be nice, too but since I don’t know the person I can’t pick and choose the card.

  6. I want one of those special editions-Your site rocks and the sky is the limit.

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