An update on the book!

On January 3rd I announced that Wax Heaven will release a ‘best-of’ book and received some positive comments, including from a key member of Beckett. Well, I have a big update.

The book will be released in two versions. There will be a FREE version that will be available at Wax Heaven for anyone to download into their computer for an entire year. The Special Edition version will be printed out (with a cover), signed by myself & Tatiana, and will include a baseball card. The card will be either a parallel (refractor, #’d), a game-used relic, or an autograph straight from my personal collection! The price has not been determined but I am looking at $10-12 with a print run of only 50 copies.

Right now I am in discussions with an amazing Miami artists who will hopefully be working on the official Wax Heaven logo and/or mascot that will be on the cover. Also, I am looking to a baseball card hobby celebrity to write a forward for the book but that really is the only challenge left.

Below is a sample piece from the artist. Expect the logo/mascot to be 100% baseball card related.



  1. Sounds cool to me, I might have to look into one of those special editions. I discovered your site in just this last month and visit several times a day. Keep up the good work

  2. Get Charlie Hough and his knuckleballing awesomeness as the celebrity! Also, I think you know by now that you should reserve a copy for me…

  3. Thanks for all the support guys! The next update will be the debut of the logo/mascot.

    Also, for the regulars who order the SE edition; you will receive a specific baseball card unlike the others who will get a random card. Example; Dylan will get a Cecil Fielder, Steve will get a White Sox, etc.

    The random cards will be nice, too but since I don’t know the person I can’t pick and choose the card.

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