The hot card of 2008?

Check out this unbelievable card that was produced by 2008 Topps Co-Signers and will be inserted into random packs. Can you imagine what it will sell for on eBay for the guy or guys that pull it. No print run as of yet. The Co-Signers Wax Heaven preview is coming very soon!



  1. You can have the four signatures for under 5 dollars and make your own card by mailing to their offices and requesting them like I did.

  2. With my luck I’d pull this card and watch the nominees be Edwards and Huckabee.

    Are Presidential Candidates the bullshit mirror set of 2008?

  3. Just so Joe knows, the autographs requested from these politicians’ offices are most likely autopens, so they’re really not worth anything more than whatever the “auto” is on.

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