I have not sold out (yet)

Hey guys, it may appear to some that I have gotten lazy. Lately, it’s gotten swamped at work (where 90% of my posts come from) and at home I have been busy with other things. The truth is, I have been thinking a lot about the massive amount of current baseball card blogs and how in the world can I stick out from the rest. Well, I have the solution and if all goes well, it will debut to rave reviews on Saturday night or crash and burn like ‘Waterworld’. Either way, expect entertainment unlike any other baseball card blog. 😉

Also, come to think of it…I haven’t been that lazy. Last night we busted a box of 2007 Topps Goudey and yes Steve, believe it or not, there was White Sox MOJO! The video box break and product review should be up within the next 12 hours. There is also another ‘Heavenly Collections’ and ‘Wax Heaven MOJO!!!’ on the horizon (AKA: 12 hours). Finally, Adam has written another great piece on prospecting that I am sure you will all enjoy. That should be up in less than 3 hours.

All in all, no, there won’t be a ‘Baseball Card Blog’-like 1 post every two weeks. I just had to take some time to make sure we were putting the best possible articles out there now that I know more than Steve and Dayf visit the site.

-Mario Alejandro



  1. Oh no, it is not a new layout. It is something no one in any baseball card blog has ever done. I am working on it as we speak. It’s going to take a lot of work (and practice).

  2. OH OH OH!!! I KNOW WHAT IT IS! Give me the 2007 Masterpieces black border and jersey patch Derek Jeter card and maybe I’ll spill. 😉

  3. I already think you stick out from the rest…this is one of the best baseball card blogs I have ever seen. Of course, I’ve only been looking at them for a couple of weeks, but still.

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