Heavenly Collections – Sweet Spot

It’s hard to make someone as jaded as me do a double take but that is exactly what happened when my eyes looked at Rob’s unimaginable Upper Deck Sweet Spot collection. Rob, like other collector’s featured at Wax Heaven started collecting in the glory day’s of the 80’s and quit in 1993. By 2004 he made a return and later that year made a trade and received an Upper Deck Sweet Spot and since then has been addicted!

Check out this thumbnail below (click the small image)

2008 Sweet Spot collage

Yeah, impressive when put into collage form but he also has a top 20;


If that is not enough, he also has his entire collection scanned, organized by year and player. It’s the most amazing ‘Heavenly Collection’ yet! If you are a collector, you will probably spend plenty of time with this LINK!



  1. Holy poop. This is one impressive collection.

    Thank you for doing this type of posting. I always knew that Beckett did not put in great stuff because of space or people not submitting. This is way cool seeing these collections and a lot easier to view than in a magazine. This set made me think my Austin Kearns collection may not be that impressive after all. But it is.

  2. Thanks for the kind words all! This is my 1st time checking out the blog, and I must say I am very impressed! I hope you enjoy looking st my collection, as I know I have enjoyed putting it together!

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