A confession I must make

I have to say it. I, Mario Alejandro, am a fraud. I, am a liar.

I come here and talk about Jose Canseco and about my collection of his cards (1,000+), including game-used bats/jerseys, minor league, rare, and parallels. The sad truth is, that while all these things are 100% accurate, my collection is worthless because it lacks something that up until this point I have been unable to acquire. A signature card.

Yes, I admit it. I do not have any autographed Jose Canseco baseball cards. Sad that I have about 100 from other players from 2007 but when the autograph became an easy “hit” I was long gone from the hobby and of course, by the time I returned to collecting, my former idol was long gone from the game. So where does that leave me? Chasing my first autograph on eBay.

Two nights ago I watched as my highest possible bid of $17 (+ shipping) was mutilated by one bidder after another until the end when only one stood, a winner among other delusional Canseco fans, probably driving their ’87 Trans-Am to work every day listening to ‘Hysteria’ on their stereo cassette players. You may have outbid me this time, but revenge will be mine!

Sometime this weekend I will put on eBay my Ryan Braun SP Authentic ‘By The Letter’ (Gold Ink) which last sold for close to $180. Hopefully I can get around $150 for it and when I do, beware other Jose fans on eBay!

6 thoughts on “A confession I must make

  1. Don’t feel so bad. I don’t have a pull autograph of Carlton Fisk yet. I have one that I obtained from a card shop in 1990 on a 1990 Upper Deck.

    The only Harold Baines autograph pull I have is a 2004 Donruss Classics auto/patch Team Colors card.

    Those are my two favorite players from my earliest days of watching the White Sox and they are both badly underrepresented in my collection.

  2. I’m the same way with George Brett cards plenty of bat and jersey cards but the only auto cards I have are hand signed that I got off e-bay, they look like his auto but I’d like to get a certified on card some day!

  3. Todd, hope you get one soon.

    As for me, it’s okay. I didn’t like that his arms were cut-off in the picture so I will continue bidding on auto’s and hope to get my first one soon!

  4. “Hysteria” was an awesome album. And Canseco was a spectacular personality, juice and all. I wish he could have exhibited the ability without the drugs, but he was amazing to watch even if we were ignorant of his abuse.

    As for the autograph, I prefer to acquire the autographs the old-fashioned way, either in person or through the mail. I’m not a big fan of autographs in packs.

  5. Don’t do it Mario…. watch your box break again when you pulled the Braun. You were so excited, you must have panned back to the Braun fifty times.

    A better idea is to keep the Braun and buy a Canseco anyway.

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