Heavenly Collections – Hanley Ramirez

Scott has been collecting basebal cards for over a decade but just recently started a player collection of Florida Marlins star, Hanley Ramirez. Being a Red Sox fan, the team that drafted Hanley, Scott always heard stories of Ramirez’ talent but sadly didn’t actually see him in the majors until he was traded away to the Marlins. Since then he has been collecting all things Hanley and currently owns over 700 of his cards, including all his premier rookie cards.


2003 * 2005 * 2006 * 2007

10 thoughts on “Heavenly Collections – Hanley Ramirez

  1. 700 cards? That’s ridiculous! Not that someone has collected them, but that the player has that many in such a short career so far. Oversaturation.

  2. Hanley Ramirez, in my opinion, is one of the most underated shortstops in the majors. It may be because of the market he plays in. Can you imagine how much pub he’d get if he was playing in Boston? That autographed Bowman Chrome is sweet by the way.

  3. The Bowmans Best, Bowman Chrome, and Tribue Autos shown are all BGS 9’s (the BC is RCR 9 but will be submitted soon). I’m looking forward to watching Hanley progress over the next few years and finally get the recognition he deserves when he gets traded to a contender. Imagine him playing in Boston, NY, or LA?

  4. I have decided rather than be another bitter Marlins fan I will just appreciate Hanley today because the truth is that by the time he becomes a 35-45 home run guy he will probably be playing in New York or Boston.

    Scott, you have an awesome collection. Congrats.
    I just got my first Hanley auto, from 2007 Goudey.

  5. I definately want that last card pictured. That is hot. ❤
    Wow. Someone trade me

  6. I have a decent Hanley collection I dont have any auto’d rookies but i do have All but the Z in Ramirez and I have #’s 14 and 10 of the Maximum materials patches.

  7. I just recently caught a Hanley Ramirez HR Ball @ PNC Park and had it Auto’d. I was wondering if you were interested in the ball.

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