Father & Son dual autographs

Funny the things you find on eBay. Was surfing for Jose Canseco cards and the thought popped in my head, “hmm, it would be really cool to have a dual autograph of Prince Fielder and his father, Cecil.”

Wouldn’t you know it? Topps Co-Signers released one in 2006. Buy It Now has it for $60 but I am sure you can get one for less next time it comes around on eBay.

Of course, that got me thinking about another famous father/son duo. Ken Griffey, and Griffey Jr. have a couple of different items including duo game-used patches but this dual autograph from Upper Deck would have to be my #1 choice.

9 thoughts on “Father & Son dual autographs

  1. Nice cards. I wonder if there is a Yogi Berra, Dale Berra card? A football card with auto’s from Archie Manning, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning would be pretty sweet.

  2. Of course those are the best entries, what about the Burroughs (Sean and Jeff), or the Berras (Yogi and Dale), Luzinskis (spelling?), Stottlemeyers, guess you can’t do the Ripkens. I like the brothers approach to this Greg and Mike Maddux, Ozzie and Jose Canseco, Billy and Cal RIpken. In Hockey you could have Keith and Wayne Gretzky. Just some ideas.

  3. Hi, any thoughts on the 753 Bonds Card by Upper Deck? That card just about injects, so to speak, intrigue to the headlines and blow things into hyped up proportions.
    The card t ogo after maybe, but not one to show to kids.
    baseball card collecting tips

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