The Bash Brothers of Wax Heaven

I remember the first day of Wax Heaven I looked at the counter at the end of the day and saw 25 page views. Knowing that WordPress does not count my own views I was satisfied with those results. It’s been 2 1/2 months and a lot has gone down in that time. By New Year’s Eve of 2007 the average page views on my own were anywhere from 300-450 on great days but something was missing. At the Beckett Message Boards I found a guy posting 1,000-word essays on complete unknowns and getting a bunch of feedback. Being a prospector at heart, a light bulb went off in my head. For months the slogan for Wax Heaven had been, “baseball cards and commentary” but for as much of a stat geek that I am—I am a novice compared to others. It took some effort but by 2008 Adam G. joined Wax Heaven as the first official contributor and boy how things have changed. One of his first pieces on Phil Hughes drew over 1,000+ page views in one day, something I never thought would happen at Wax Heaven. Today, a piece he wrote on Mets prospect Fernando Martinez drew 3, 087 page views in 24 hours. I don’t even know what to say. It’s clear that Adam was the missing link at Wax Heaven, or should I say….the Mark McGwire to my Jose Canseco.

Adam, thanks for the hard work you put into all your articles. You have brought baseball credibility to Wax Heaven that was not present until now. I hope you can pump out more articles in the coming weeks. I know Med school keeps you quite occupied.



  1. I think we make a pretty good pair, wouldn’t you say? Now we’ll just have to figure out how to do a long distance e-mail shoulder bash like the old school Athletics used to do! Congrats on a big day Mario!

  2. I always liked Classic as a kid. I just never knew anyone that had any cause they never seemed to be in card shops….but available at Home Shopping Network all time time it seemed.

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