It appears that sometime yesterday at around 10 P.M there was an assassination attempt made on my life. After going through the Taco Bell drive-through, someone, probably paid off by eTopps or Ben Henry added some kind of poison to my meal and since 2 A.M I have not been able to sleep, have vomited several times, and currently set-up shop in my bathroom until things get better.

That being said, there will be no new blogs today but hopefully I will be able to sweat this out tonight and return to posting on Sunday. Adam G. has already submitted another great article for approval and I got something working in my head right now. There is just no way I can sit in front of a computer the way I feel right now. In the meantime, check out our ‘Best of’ at Wax Heaven.

By the way, I quit drinking alcohol in 2003 after a bitter day with an ex-girlfriend. Something tells me I will never have Taco Bell again, either.


Mario Alejandro



  1. Get well, man… If it makes you feel better I found a fantastic Canseco today for you. I’ll try to get all the new ones scanned and on the trade page by monday.

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