Heavenly Collections : ’07 Triple Threads

Nelson (eBay I.d: be8el0ve), like many of the collectors I have met through Wax Heaven spent a good chunk of his life in the hobby of baseball cards. A few years ago he decided to take a break from collecting but like me, found himself a cardboard addict once again in 2007. Not satiesfied with the low-end stuff he put together one of the most impressive (not to mention expensive) collections I have ever seen. So to get things started, I introduce to you ‘Heavenly Collections’, Triple Threads-style!


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5 thoughts on “Heavenly Collections : ’07 Triple Threads

  1. Big deal. I have over 150 Austin Kearns base cards and another 150+ insert an auto / relic cards. That is an impressive collection! I’ll start scanning.

  2. Those are some cool cards. I wish I had the money for them. 😦 Congrats on your collection!

  3. I love that Pujols swatch card. That Mickey Mantle #1/3 triple relic would look perfect in my PC. 🙂

  4. The JFK card is wild, I think that’s a great way to bring in the females. I told me wife about it and she was very exited that my hobby at least has some merrits. Then I told her to calm down, that it’s an insert card and the odds in hitting it is as good as getting struck by lightning inside your house. She called me a loser and thanked me for squishing her dreams . . . Sometimes I never learn.

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