How to trick your girlfriend into collecting

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Baseball cards don’t quite appeal to the female kind. It’s not an opinion but a fact. Go to your hobby shop once everyday for an entire year and odds are of finding a female buying sports cards is about 1 in a million. Sure, you might find a few buying wax for their husbands or boyfriends and yes, occasionally you will find a cool girl like Morineko who collects but usually your card collecting turns out to be a lonely hobby for most of us. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. My wife, who never watched a game in her life, knew any baseball players except for Derek Jeter, and could have cared less about baseball cards is now as big a collector as I am. It took a little work and a bit of swallowing my manly Hispanic pride but it had to be done to benefit my addiction to cardboard.

The first box I ever bought when getting back into the hobby was ’07 Topps Co-Signers. After doing some shopping with her we stopped into Barnes and Noble and the rest is history. After showing her that awesome card of A-Rod and Buzz Aldrin she was a bit skeptical but we drove down to a card store about 30 miles away and bought ourselves a box. At over $100, her woman radar began to go off and soon enough she started nagging that it was too expensive….yada, yada, yada. Do not fear, men—this is a common reaction by women. You can overcome this instinct of hers easily.

While opening the box I separated the packs (maybe 18) in half and began a pack war seeing who could pull the hits. It was exciting and luckily she pulled both hits which made her day but nothing she would enjoy again….or so she thought.

By the time we had bought 3 more boxes I noticed she would get real happy when she pulled a Jeter so I asked her why. Her response? “He’s cute”. Guys, this is where your pride-swallowing comes into place and the exact moment where she went from spectator to collector.”He’s alright I guess, but Alex Rodriguez and Barry Zito are way cuter.”

Her eyes lit up. After all, this is a woman that watches shows like ‘The Soup’ and every single program on Bravo. She is a bit superficial, I suppose because she started going through pack after pack hunting for the two players I mentioned and of course she had a blast. Now she has nicknames for all of the players and it makes it worthwhile to both of us because she truly gets a thrill when she pulls a player she knows.


Prince Fielder“chubby”

Manny Ramirez“eww the guy with dreads”

Barry Zito“The Surfer!”

Barry Bonds“ASSHOLE!”

Frank Thomas“mis-shaped head guy”

The truth is, not all women grow up watching sports. Tatiana spent most of her days before we met going out, partying, and shopping. I could have easily said, “okay, we are looking to pull a Jim Thome because he is coming close to 500 career home runs and a guaranteed ticket into the Hall of Fame.” Of course, she would have tuned out if I did that. Instead, I had to make a small sacrifice to get her to enjoy my hobby and because of it I am now reaping the rewards. For example, every couple of weeks I come home and find a new box of wax on the table waiting for me. If that is not true love, well, then I don’t know what is.

(something tells me the “Rip Master” spends  a lot of money on women)



  1. OK my wife is cool with me collecting cards, she may call me a loser, but at least she doesn’t freak out every time I bring home a pack. She likes opening the packs but I find she has a cooler touch than I do. Trust me you hand me a pack and it will be filled with utility guys and middle relief. But as long as she doesn’t see the cards laying everywhere it’s OK. She even helps me stuff envelopes for autographs.

  2. My better half calls me a loser for being obsessed with Jose Canseco—-but what does she know. He is going to make a comeback and hit his 500th home run and, and, and enter the Hall of Fame!

  3. Just another great example of the wonder of card collecting. My wife helps me out some but she is not like Tatiana because she doesn’t really like to open cards, but she will help me put them in order. Probably her desire for an orderly house coming into play there. I really enjoy listening to Tatiana’s comments on the video box breaks so tell her to keep it up.

  4. No ill effects from Tracey… yet. She does give me that slight roll of the eyes and short little sigh when I veer off towards the registers at Target when we first get there.

  5. As a female fan, I do appreciate the “cute” players, but I’ve found that most of the “cute” players are not exactly that good. Case in point, Scott Podsednik (who does nothing for me, but is apparently Universally Recognized as Hot…and Released, too.) As for Zito, he needs to spend more time on figuring out how not to give up hits and less on the surfing, etc. I didn’t realize AL pitchers could go to the NL and get worse.

    But, you’re right, I’m the only woman I know who collects sports cards–even among the few female baseball fans I know. It’s been the case since I got into the hobby in 1987.

  6. My husband is a huge baseball card collector.. he has a few sets going..I didn’t really care at first…. but he has now run us into debt BIG TIME… and i can tell he is truly addicted to collecting.. he can’t stop…and i’m afraid we will have to file bankruptsy eventually. I’m not sure what to do…but it is soooo stressful.

  7. well im to young to be married but i hope when i get married she’ll be coll about and maybe even get into it also!

  8. interesting, i always wondered how dudes got their girl friend into collecting. huh, i’ve been buying and collecting my own cards for about a year now! time flys. well funny she said, “jeter is cute” cause there was a lady who wanted a jeter card from either me or my friend. i said, well why in the world would you want a jeter card, just to test what she would say, you will never guess what she said. “cause he is cute”! wow, i busted up in laughter so hard! so funny, of course we men always bust up when we here somthing like that! well at least me.

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