Baseball cards that never were (again)

A couple of days ago I posted a blog about the 4 greatest cards that never saw the light of day and what do you know—it just so happens that one of the guys who left a comment happened to make some very interesting baseball cards that never were a few years back.

Jason is his name and despite some dubious choices in player selection (Pete Rose Jr.), it is obvious the guy’s got talent. It’s a great thrill to see current players on our old & favorite designs. It would be great if he could do a 2008 version of guys like Joba Chamberlain, Albert Pujols, & Andrew Miller but even if he can’t all the readers of Wax Heaven will get a kick out of the old ones.



  1. These cards are really cool, especially the Jedi cards. Reading the rest of the guy’s blog is distracting me from my work though! There’s some good stuff in there.

  2. Thanks for the link! I’ll try to get some more done in the next week or two. I also have some that I drew way back in high school to some very old designs. I’ll try to find them, scan them, and post them to my blog as well.

  3. Here’s a little tease for you: 1965 Topps Miller, 1961 Topps Chamberlain, 1960 and 1981 Topps Pujols. I still have some editing on the text to do, and I don’t have the proper software here for it. I do most of the work in MS Paint and finish the text in another program I have at home.

  4. JT, I promise to do a review of your blog in my hit me with your best link blog, but I have to tell you, I love the cards. Do you have any tips for making these? Did you scan in the older cards, then manipulate the picture? Also ever think of turning these into cards yourself? Anyone know how hard that would be?

  5. That guy’s ’74 Topps Garciaparra is right on the money – even down to the dubious action photo, leaving player identity a possible mystery at times for those ’73 and ’74 cards.

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