2008 Topps Heritage complete checklist!

11 01 2008

If you are a set-collector or just want to know what is included in the set, print these pages out!






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11 01 2008

Sweeeeeeeet. I’m looking forward to this.

11 01 2008

I have a Highland Mint, silver, Topps, Brett Favre rookie card. It is #45 out of 110. I also have a bronze, #45 out of 714. Do you know what they are worth? Thanks.
The Sultan on Sports


ps This is a great looking set. It seem like only the inserts are worth collecting these days. There are too many sets, to make a regular addition set worth collecting. It seems like only the best inserts end up being sought after.

Maybe they should make a set with only 1 card per player. They could be sold in 1 card wax packs. 99.9% of the packs would have a $1 off coupon on a new pack, that was shaped like a card. The lucky packs would contain a 1 of a kind card.

11 01 2008
Mario C.

Sultan, I will try to find out the price for you.

Wait, Joey collects all sports I think. Maybe he will know.

12 01 2008

Thanks Mario. I paid $300 for the 2 of them 12 or 13 years ago. I have no idea what they are worth now.

By the way, my impression is Ebay allows traders to get a better price than the old days, when you were stuck selling to the local dealers or doing card shows. Graded cards insure the condition. It’s a great time to sell a hot card. Most cards are essentially worthless though, because too many sets are produced each year. Do you agree? How do you determine what to buy?
The Sultan on Sports

12 01 2008

Hey Sultan, can you scan the front and back of the Favre Highland Mint cards? If so send me a note on my contact form on my blog and I will get you my email address. I remember the Score versions of these cards but I don’t remember the Topps. I would love to see them.

13 01 2008


Gladly. I don’t see a contact form though.Thanks.
The Sultan on Sports

27 02 2008

Some cards are listed on ebay already. So far they look good!

27 02 2008
Mario C.

I can’t wait to do a box!

27 02 2008

I think I might try and buy 2 boxes of this this weekend

27 02 2008

i bought a case. any one know the numbers on the regular set short prints? i also pulled a joba chamberlain auto/jersey 07/25. i have all cards listed on eBay. seller name joedreski

27 02 2008
Mario C.

This is an estimate, given by someone who opened a case.

40 Tim Hudson
129 Luke Hochevar
155 Johnny Damon
175 Jeff Weaver
176 Preston Wilson
196 Jose Valverde
210 J.J. Putz
211 Mike Sweeney
231 Kevin Gregg
285 Chad Billingsley
315 Jacque Jones
322 Richie Sexson
360 Maggio Ordonez
381 Casey Blake
409 Jon Lester
426 Kyle Lohse
431 Jeff Salazar
432 Yadier Molina
433 Adam Wainwright
434 Scott Kazmir
436 Ryan Freel
438 Kazuo Matsui
441 Emil Brown
443 Jake Peavy
445 Kason Gabbard
447 Felipe Lopez
449 Willy Taveras
450 Chipper Jones
453 Braden Looper
454 Brandon Inge
455 Brian Giles
456 Corey Patterson
457 Los Angeles Dodgers
463 Tony Pena
464 Marcus Giles
465 Augie Ojeda
466 Micah Owings
467 Ryan Theriot
468 Shawn Green
469 Frank Thomas
470 Lenny Dinardo
471 Jose Bautista
472 Manny Corpas
475 Jose Contreras
477 Julio Lugo
479 Tony LaRussa – All Star
482 Justin Morneau – All Star
483 Orlando Hudson – All Star
484 Brian Roberts – All Star
485 Miguel Cabrera – All Star
486 Mike Lowell – All Star
488 Carlos Guillen – All Star
489 Ken Griffey Jr. – All Star
490 Vladimir Guerrero – All Star
491 Alfonso Soriano – All Star
492 Ichiro – All Star
494 Magglio Ordonez – All Star
496 Victor Martinez – All Star
497 Brad Penny – All Star
498 Josh Beckett – All Star
499 Cole Hamels – All Star
500 Justin Verlander – All Star

29 02 2008
rasputino 14

Bought 2 boxes of o8 heritage today.They did an excellent job replecating the 59 set. I dont put much stock in inserts,so did not really pay much attention to them. But i would give an overall rating of a-. Could have left out the parallel cards.

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