Wax Heaven wants to trade with YOU…

…but only for Andrew Miller. If you have any ’07 Andrew Miller cards and you want to trade, please leave me a comment or send me an email at WaxHeaven@Gmail.com.

In the last two weeks I have sent out through the mail over $300 worth of cards so my bucket looks a little pathetic at the moment but you can check it out HERE.

I opened tons of hobby boxes last year so odds are that if you need something for your set, a memorabilia card or autograph, I might have it and it is not scanned. Ask and I will do a search for you. This weekend I will be scanning a bunch of cards for the trade bucket so be patient.

I am interested in all 2007 Andrew Miller. You can find my entire collection scanned HERE. I know, not much to brag about but I have about 7 coming through the mail in the next couple of weeks. Now as far as trading is concerned, unless I know you or have traded with you in the past I will ask that you send out first. If you have been ripped off in the past look at it this way; I am the owner of a baseball card blog and care deeply about my reputation. I don’t exactly want to be known as a thief or a liar. Also, I trade extensively through the Beckett Message Board (username: waxheaven) and don’t want my reputation tarnished there either. You have my word that the trade will go smoothly and my cards will be sent out in the safest way possible.

P.S – I am also a Jose Canseco fan (I am not ashamed) so if you have some Jose’s in your collection I will be glad to take them off your hand for some trade bait so let me know. So start up your scanners and let’s get some trades done!!!


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