Wax Heaven MOJO!!!

Allen has been collecting baseball cards since he was 8 years old. It’s been a long 20-year journey but it might have finally paid off for him when he bought a pack of 2007 Topps Triple Threads after reading about the award for ‘High End Product of the Year’ in Beckett Monthly.

Folks, you are looking at a true 1/1 Triple autograph “sweet spot” of New York Mets all-star David Wright, New York Yankee slugger and 2007 M.V.P Alex Rodriguez, and finally, New York legend and Hall of Fame member, Mickey Mantle!

Allen has decided to hold on to this rare gem for the time being but should it EVER become available you can expect that it will sell in the thousands on eBay. If that day ever comes, you can expect Wax Heaven to provide you with the update.

Great pull, Allen!



  1. Awesome pull!! My only question is, why is David Wright on there? Last time I checked he was on the Mets, not the Yankees. He seems to be the oddball signature on there.

    Awesome card though!! Congrats!!

  2. This card is the “Topps Spokesmen Exclusive” members. Each of them are official spokesmen and signed with Topps. That is why David Wright is on there.

  3. To quote the late great Scooter . . . “Holy Cow!” That gives me goosebumps just looking at it! 1/1 is soooo sweet!

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