The greatest slugger you never heard of

Of course, there are 1,001 baseball nerds at Baseball Think Factory that probably know every one of this guy’s stats but to the common card collector or baseball fan you might have never heard of Alex Cabrera. That is because he only played one season with the Diamondbacks in 2000. In just 31 games he cranked 5 home runs and was never heard of again. Or so we thought. As it turns out he has been playing in Japan all these years making quite a name for himself. In 2002 he tied legendary slugger Sadaharu Oh’s single season home run record with 55 home runs in just 128 games! In just seven seasons in Japan he has put together two 30, one 40, and two 50 home runs seasons not to mention four 100+ R.B.I outputs.

Not bad, huh? As it turns out, despite playing just one year in the M.L.B, he too was on the dreaded Mitchell Report.


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