ESPN slaps Hack Wilson in the face!

Damn, this article drives me nuts because it does not give credit to Hack Wilson’s amazing 1930 season. If you didn’t read it the first time around when I posted it check it out now. How much better can you get than 56 home runs, 191 R.B.I, 208 hits, and a .356 AVG? Not only does Major League Baseball screw him over after his God-like season by not giving him the M.V.P, now ESPN’s columnist ignore him as well.

Of course, the greatest season on record according to the writer is Barry Bonds’ 2001 season. Could he have been any more Juiced up that year? How about removing Barry completely and giving Hack the #8 spot?


One comment

  1. Hack Wilson is my great great great uncle, I’m not kidding, he really is! Search for my post by typing in Hack Wilson in the “Search Blogs” search box and mine is the first one (yours is the second)

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