Man, getting back into this hobby after a decade away was quite a rude awakening. Towards the end of my collecting there was only one or two products including auto’s & game-used memorabilia and the odds of pulling them were ridiculous. I pulled just under 50 “hits” from 2007 products last year. I am talking about everything from game-used pants and jerseys, to chopped up pieces of bats and the old-fashioned autographs. I have to say that I absolutely love these cards but not for the usual “chance to own history” excuse often used but because it is so easy to unload these cards in trades. Personally, the only “hits” I am fond of is the autograph. I just don’t see any point in carrying around a card with a piece of Albert Pujols’ pants. What if I get part of the crotch? That’s kind of weird, well, unless you are Tony LaRussa. I have a feeling he’d have a field day with those.

Another bastardization I don’t understand is the cut-autograph. I understand there is only so many Joe Dimaggio autographs but using old checks from prescription medicine or mortgage bills looks tacky. I understand the card companies need to make the money but c’mon. Look at this incredibly ugly card of Joe Dimaggio. Ugh! For that price why not just buy a full autographed picture?

Another memorabilia idea that seems to have died with Donruss was the game-used buttons. There is just no way to make a Willie Mays game-used button look cool. I’d much rather have a decent-priced game-used patch that you can get for not too much than to have something like he card pictured below. I don’t know, maybe I am just prejudiced about buttons. When I think of buttons I think of my mother with her bowl of buttons that came loose in the wash over the years. Hey, If you ever need a life-used Mario Alejandro button, let me know!

Perhaps the worst idea ever for a “hit” has to be the game-used dirt that was in Stadium Club a few years back. I remember Stadium Club for one thing; it’s amazing photography. It’s no wonder the product is officially dead, because of hair-brained ideas like the card below. I remember after Sept. 11th some people were actually putting pieces of the World Trade Center on eBay. I don’t know if anyone ever bought them but the sellers have a special reservation in Hell just for them. No, not because they took advantage of people’s emotions & pain but simply because they sold something so worthless (soot, concrete) to people too stupid to know any better.