“We hit the big time…..for 37 minutes.”

One of my goals when I created Wax Heaven was to be a featured writer for Beckett.com, something that ‘King of Baseball Card Blogs’ Ben Henry had accomplished and most recently, Joey, from Squeeze Play Cards. I knew this would be a bit of a challenge since I am kind of the John Bender of baseball card blogs, for more than a couple of reasons. Nonetheless, I shoot out the best possible article a few weeks ago about my true experience chasing one of the most elusive Jose Canseco cards and send it out to Beckett with no response.

Most people would take that as an insult. After all, not only have I been reading (and buying) Beckett since Canseco’s ’86 Donruss rookie could buy you more than a pack of ’07 Fleer, I have participated in many discussions at their own blog and even their message board. When Beckett-Gate occurred, I even had their back. So much like the beautiful Aaliyah, I decided to try again by posting another true story about what got me to return to this hobby in hopes of getting enough attention to get Beckett to post it and finally, it worked! Well, sort of.

Elon, a great guy at Beckett posted a short news story about how their own blog has been a huge success and even went as far as to single Wax Heaven out from the rest of the collecting blogs as a great blog by mentioning our video box breaks, reviews, and much more. He even added the link to my blog about getting back into collecting. All was great it seemed. Finally, I had been mentioned over at Beckett.com and was getting some nice traffic in return. Just minutes after the post is up I get called into a quick business meeting. When I come back about 35 minutes later to take a screen capture to post at Wax Heaven—all mentions of myself, Wax Heaven, and even the blog link had been removed.

Beckett, eat….my….shorts.