The greatest cards that never were?

In 1993 Topps unleashed to the hobby world a set that changed the way we look at baseball cards forever. ‘Finest’ lived up to its name in so many ways by truly being the best product of ’93 much like ’89 Upper Deck was in its debut. Along with the release of the first “super premium” product in the history of baseball cards it also introduced the now beloved Refractor, best described by Wikipedia as being “the exact same card but with a rainbow sheen on the front.”

Today Finest is still around and so are Refractors and its many different parallels (blue, red, gold, and the infamous SuperFractor). Finest was also one of the best-reviewed 2007 products at Wax Heaven but more importantly I ran into these 4 cards that totally blew my mind. They are inserts from a Topps set circa-2001-2004. Can you imagine what price these cards would fetch if they were the real thing and Refractors?

Here are some real ’93 Topps Finest Refractors on eBay. You don’t see much stuff from the early 90’s for those prices often, do you?



  1. Sets like Finest are the reason I stopped collecting. Too many sets, too much saturation, too expensive. I remember the days when a pack of 15 or so cards cost 35 cents. Bring back the 1980s!

  2. The only problem with the 80’s sets is that they made billions of them so you could have a great player like Griffey Jr. and it’s only worth $5.

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