The Baseball Card Blog Explosion

ChemGod, a longtime collector of baseball cards recently opened an interesting blog called ‘Awesomely Bad Wax Packs‘. As you can see by the link provided, he is already adding daily content—unlike other baseball card blogs. ChemGod has caused a chain reaction at Wax Heaven, though. There is officially too many links on my sidebar. As stated in a previous post I have O.C.D. Everything from my card storage to the placement of remote controls in my bedroom has to be perfect and having all those links to blogs that sometimes don’t update for weeks is beginning to irk me. From this point on I will be linking on the front page of Wax Heaven only the most up to date baseball card blogs on the internet, and adding a link to a directory of other blogs which can be found HERE.

As always, if you have a baseball card blog that is not in the Wax Heaven directory send me an e-mail or leave a comment with your link and your blog will be added. I love checking out all the different blogs related to baseball cards.

You know, at this rate….there will be 3 baseball card blogs for every 1 person by the year 2010!


One comment

  1. Now that is definitely an awesomely bad card! I will be updating the Bad Wax site daily and I look foward to hearing people’s horror stories about finding really bad packs of cards.

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