Remember my post about a certain Rookie of the Year ring that was up on eBay once and never sold? It came back a couple of weeks later and didn’t sell again. Well, now someone claiming to be Jose Canseco’s sister (or a big middle-aged woman) is on eBay selling VHS tapes of Jose Canseco games. I guess things are tough all around for the entire Canseco clan, not just Jose & Ozzie. Come to think of it, the guy that washed my car last week did resemble a shorter, less-talented Jose Canseco. Hmm……..

In all reality the tapes are probably a lot of fun to watch for Canseco nutjobs like myself but c’mon….they are VHS, have been watched 1,000 times by Jose himself, and some are more than 20 years old. Are old, grainy, VHS tapes worth $199.00 + shipping to you?