Donruss continues fall from grace…

It was once a great product with a huge and loyal fan base but today with no M.L.B licensing rights it is the home of Donruss Americana, a card release of some of today and yesterday’s “greatest” actors and celebrities of our lifetime. Unless you are a 400 lbs. Beany Baby aficionado/celebrity memorabilia collector, it is best to steer way clear of this horrible product that somehow made its way into production and onto the shelves of some sports cards stores. If you see a Hobby box of Americana at your local shop it might be for the chance to get one or two sports figures in the set but more than likely you will end up with a haul like this;

Larry King autograph….on a sticker of all things!

Ultimate Warrior memorabilia card (smells like cheese for some reason)

Neil Patrick Harris AKA Doogie Howser M.D memorabilia card

That guy, from that movie, with the other guy…..YEAH HIM!

The mother-load, possibly case-hit…a Steve Guttenberg autograph!!!



  1. Oh My….. What a Stinker!! Now I can see why I didn’t care at all about finding out more about this release. This is a huge swing and a miss.

  2. Loved this product. I think you really need to see it to appreciate it. At first it seems like a cheap way for Donruss to make cash, but after you see what some of this stuff is going for on eBay, I think you’ll change your mind!

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