A lot of thought went into starting this baseball card blog. First of all, there was already a king among baseball card blogs and half a dozen princes waiting in the wings. How could I possibly stand out from the rest? Aside from that, I needed a good name…something more creative than ‘The Baseball Card Blog 2′ and in my mind the very best name was already in use by Stale Gum. It took me a little while but by the end of October Wax Heaven was born.

I never expected the success the site has experienced so soon and I believe that a best-of Wax Heaven book is not out of reach, specially with the resources I have at my disposal. For example, Chris Harris’ English & grammar put mine to shame but thanks to me being a student at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, I have at my disposal an English 101 professor who has agreed to proof read any story I choose to be in the as yet untitled book.

The only hurdle in the way is the actual publishing but from research that I have done there are companies that will publish your book for you for a fee. Of course, I could hit the big time and have someone actually sign me to a publishing deal but that is far from likely to happen unless I can come up with some stories of injecting steroids into Steve G.’s buttocks before a card show.

The final part is company branding, which is something I am doing research on now and could have done within the next 3 months. Check out Upper Deck’s new logo HERE. We actually have a creative department with 3 different employees at my company who could make Wax Heaven a decent logo for next to nothing but I believe you get what you pay for and will continue to search & research for the official artists who will be given the task of creating the logo of Wax Heaven.

You can never be too ambitious, can you?