2008 Upper Deck Spectrum preview

3 01 2008

Last year’s Spectrum product had some hype around it but ultimately failed to deliver. This year from the few previews I have seen it looks like they have made some vast improvements to their product.

Product Info:

5 Cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 14 boxes per case

Est. release: Early April

100 regular cards + 40 rookie signatures

4 guaranteed hits per box (2 auto, 2 relics)




4 responses

3 01 2008

The FONZ?!? Aaaaayyyyyyyy…..

4 01 2008
Chris Harris

That Gary Matthews, Jr. card looks awesome.

Still doesn’t make me want to buy the product.

4 01 2008

I think the reason I am having so much trouble getting into new sets is reasons like the Gary Matthews card. Why can’t UD just write Gary Matthews, Jr. OF on the front of the card instead of fitting as much shit as they can on it and saving the rest for the back? It just looks cluttered and kills one of the most beautiful cards I have seen in a long time.

4 01 2008
Mario C.

That insert does look very cluttered but this is Upper Deck Spectrum after all. If you want a nice, clean look you can always go with Fleer Ultra.

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