2007 Bowman Draft Picks

“The best Bowman release of 2007!”

Well, damn…I am going to have to eat my words on this one because I finally broke down and bought a box of 2007 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. The price was right, the cards were beautiful, & the player selection was the best. Oh, and I pulled a fella by the name of Madison Bumgarner so that pretty much made my day!

Design – A – Pretty much the best of Bowman & Bowman Chrome with the addition of extra-thick Gold parallel inserted one per pack. It seems the Refractors look better with each and every release they are used in. I can’t wait for ’08 Chrome products!

Price – C –  This is where it gets complicated. Do you want immediate return on your investment? Well, unless you pull a major prospect Refractor or any SuperFractor it won’t happen right away. You might have to wait a good 2-3 years before these cards begin to soar and historically, they will. For $80 or less you cannot miss out on these great cards and one guaranteed autograph per box.

Pulls – B – I don’t know why but I pulled a Barry Bonds from Bowman Draft. I didn’t get as many Refractors as I usually get but I did pull a Gold Refractor #’d to 50 (Max Ramirez) and a blue parallel #’d to 399. Aside from that, I got another Joba, Ryan Braun,  and a few other well-known to only hobby insiders prospects.

Overall – A – Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2007 (busted it Dec. 30th) it is definitely a must-buy if you are into rookie cards. Only time will tell how well this rookie class is but in 2-3 years I might be able to put my son through college with these cards alone. Well, maybe not but they sure were fun to open!


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