“A poor man’s Bowman Chrome”

I am a huge fan of Topps and when I walked into Earth 2 Comics, my local hobby shop this morning I had a choice between all the hype that Bowman Draft Picks carries or a safe, but well-recieved box of Topps ’52. It was a tough choice but one that ultimately was won out by Topps ’52 and the promise of “3 autographs per box”.

Design – A – The base cards are beautiful and although the ‘Dynamic Duo’ inserts don’t quite do it for me I love the retro feel of the product. This is a set-builders dream, if only 75% of the guys on here become everyday Major Leaguers. We know that probably won’t be the case, though.

Price – B – At $90 a box it could be better but what won my hard-earned money was the “3 autographs per box”. You are going to get three hits, some nice parallels, refractors, and tons of base cards so it is not a bad deal at all but it would have been perfect at the $75-$80 price range.

Pulls – A – I pulled all the major names from the box with the exception of Joba Chamberlain, including Phil Hughes, Andrew Miller, Hunter Pence, Troy Tulowitzki, etc. I also got 2 of 3 autographs on the card itself, with another auto as a redemption (Andrew Miller).

Overall – B – The cards are nice and for the amount of cards you get you can’t go wrong with the price tag. One of the few products where you can still find autographs on cards and not stickers. A great product for rookies if you can’t afford the climbing Bowman Chrome prices.