I am being dragged to Orlando…

…apparently there is some big, overrated Rat that I just HAVE to see. I am leaving Saturday morning around 5 A.M and coming back real late on Monday so there won’t be a single update until Tuesday. I know what you are thinking, “finally, I can get a break from this place!” No, you don’t get a break because in a couple of hours I will be going to pick up my paycheck and since no one (I’m looking at you, Tatiana) bought me any Wax for Christmas—I am treating myself to a box of either Bowman Chrome & Bowman Draft or Topps ’52 Rookie Edition & Upper Deck Goudey. Of course, that means two new box breaks and possibly 2 reviews (Bowman Chrome was reviewed already).

In the meantime, check out the Prospect Corner, which garnered Wax Heaven over 600+ views yesterday! Also, I wrote a fictional piece about former pitcher Mike Moore and no one picked up on the fact that it was a joke. Long time reader Dylan and my wife thought it was factual. I think I should leave the comedy up to Cardboard Junkie.

Another blog post I did about the greatest “O” Face in baseball cards garnered a semi-angry response from the kid’s father and a photographer of his. Don’t make me call Dick Perez on you, sir! When Wax Heaven mocks, it is all done in fun, well, unless you are Jose Canseco. He deserves the criticism.

3 thoughts on “I am being dragged to Orlando…

  1. I got it, I just thought you left out the word cat. Other people might think Mitchell really beheaded Moore’s wife…who knows what problems that could bring to the spin of the universe?

  2. I didn’t buy you wax because you asked for an ipod and i got you that. I should have followed my instinct. 😡

  3. At least you got Tatiana to comment on this post.

    By the way Tatiana, don’t you know you are supposed to read our minds along with read between the lines of our words?

    At least you do help Mario with the box breaks. Thats kind of cool.

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