White Sox Cards blog saves Christmas!

A few weeks ago after seeing Joey, from Squeeze Play Cards, published at the front page of Beckett.com I felt challenged to write an article to get published as well. After all, what other website could get me the type of traffic and respect that Beckett could generate? During my lunch break at work I wrote the best possible article I could about my close to 20 year journey into getting the most rare Donruss Elite Jose Canseco card from 1991. Sadly, the article was rejected, yet another loss in my never-ending journey.

Well, Christmas came along and with it a disaster of epic proportions. My wife Tatiana bought me a 160 Gig iPod to store my 13,000+ songs and carry them wherever I go. When I turned it on it froze within the first hour. I should have quit while I was ahead but instead I fixed it and put all my music into it. An hour later I watched in horror as it froze up and deleted my entire music collection. Hours of work to get album covers, organized to perfection—it’s all gone. The iPod is going back to Best Buy but take that away and all I got for Christmas was a pair of shoes, a tie, and 4 packs of 2007 baseball cards stuffed into my stocking. Christmas officially sucked, even more than last year!

Well, it’s now December 26th and what do I find in the mail? A package from Steve G. of the #1 White Sox Cards blog on the internet (okay, the only White Sox Cards blog on the Internet). He sent me a package with not only the Donruss Elite I have been searching for since I was a kid, but also an Andrew Miller to add to my player collection.

Man, you have no idea how thankful I am. Your cards will be in the mail this Friday. You saved Christmas for me and Wax Heaven! Much thanks to you and your family.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful words. I’m glad I could save Christmas for you. In a way, you have saved Christmas for me. I try to do one random act of kindness around Christmas. Something that will bring unexpected joy for the recipient. I was unable to do that this year because of other financial obligations, but hearing about the joy you experienced opening my package after a less than spectacular Christmas, came extremely close to duplicating that.

    I guess the only thing keeping this from being a random act is the fact that I told you about it beforehand. Merry Christmas from me and my family to you and yours.

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