Do you suffer from Walt Weiss Syndrome?

Imagine riding your bike to your local card shop with your monthly allowence of $10. You go in, sweaty & tired and buy as many packs of ’89 Upper Deck as you can with hopes of pulling a Jose Canseco or Ken Griffey Jr. Instead, you leave the store with a bunch of commons and two different Walt Weiss cards to add to your shrine of close to 30 others.

Let’s move forward to 1996 and it’s payday, your first ever as a 16-year old. You not only have to put up with coming in at 4 A.M at the local Offerdahl’s bagel shop, but every Saturday, a pissed-off, angry, and very cheap Dan Marino comes in with his spoiled demon spawn only to demand free bagels from the store. It doesn’t matter, though because when the day is over and your ride shows up you will be heading towards the nicest but most expensive card shop in South Florida. When you arrive at the card shop you buy yourself a box of the high-end Topps Finest. This is it. With the cards you pull today you can trade for 50 different Jose Canseco cards. Instead, you walk away with no-name players and 2 Walt Weiss refractors. This is called Walt Weiss Syndrome.

Look, I have nothing against Walt Weiss. His biggest dilemma is coming into an organization after Jose Canseco (’85) and Mark McGwire (’86). Unless you are an 8 foot ogre with the ability to hit 95 home runs and steal 100 bases…you were pretty much screwed. It didn’t help that Weiss looked like a midget next two the two Juiced-up Bay heroes and hit with as much force as Mike Gallego twin brother, Ike.

Today, Walt Weiss Syndrome is still in full effect for those who bust cases, boxes, and packs of baseball cards. Yes, the player has changed but the sickness hasn’t. Just take a minute and look through your cards, preferably game-used relics and autographs. Do you have just one too many Carlos Quentin’s or Michael Bourne? How about that hot prospect who has an official Rookie Card trophy from the years 2002 to 2008? It is a sickness that you will no doubt hit upon sooner or later.There is no such thing as Joba Chamberlain Syndrome. No one has ever gone through Alex Rodriguez 1/1 dual patch auto Syndrome. It only occurs with a few, select players. Walt Weiss is long gone and despite his non-Hall of Fame career stats, at least he isn’t wearing make-up and lingerie or crying in front of Congress. I guess Walt Weiss wasn’t so bad after all.


  1. Funny you should post this today. For Christmas, I got a ton of packs of Turkey Red and in pretty much every one I pulled a Danny Putnam. I have like 8 Danny Putnams. All I could think of was your video box break with the Michael Bourn and your reaction of disappointment and anger. That is how I feel about Danny Putnam. No matter the set, be it Turkey Red or Topps Heritage or Bowman Heritage, I loathe pulling a Danny Putnam. And he hasn’t even played a major league game (to my knowledge)…poor guy.

    My name is Dylan and I have Danny Putnam syndrome.

  2. Another great post Mario. Dylan, I keep getting Putnam in Turkey Red also. I have nine packs waiting to open from my stocking. I hope I don’t see him in there.

    I had a couple of stretches that come to mind. I could probably put a Sam Horn or Jerome Walton in the bicycle spoke of every bike in the county.

  3. My name is Joe and I have Kansas City Royals Syndrome. I seem to be a magnet for 2 Royals per pack. They will be stuck together if it is a single card pack.

  4. I keep getting packs with Cubs & Yankees cards in them. Usually it’s a bunch of no name commons from those two teams. I have gotten blaster boxes with every team in it except the one I’m looking for.

    When I was younger it used to be Felix Jose, Jeff Treadway, Oscar Azocar and Gary Scott.

  5. I have the opposite problem. My favorite position player is Craig Counsell (yes, yes, I know, it’s inexplicable.) This is why, out of all the 2007 Upper Deck I bought, I have one card of Counsell and 3 Daisuke Matsuzaka cards.

    Of course, I keep getting darn Nationals, no matter what I buy….

  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    I don’t know about you but just in 2007 alone I pulled 16 Carlos Delgado cards. I have nothing against the guy and would be the happiest if it were 1998 again but today it’s not that great having a huge Delgado collection.

  7. I think you under estimate Walt Weiss’s ability…I would like to see you throw on a uniform and head out onto the field…you wouldn’t even make it off the bench

  8. Hi Kristin, I have tried it and ultimately failed.
    Kind of like you did when you took this post seriously.
    I loved the A’s; from Canseco to Mike Gallego and yes, even Walt Weiss.

  9. I know Walt Weiss,…he is a great guy , his talent & character speak for itself,….Not much else to say to Mario A. except,…..Get a life : )

  10. I am an Oakland native and huge As fan. My mom and I went to over 40 home games 2 yrs in a row. I was 16-17 and was CONVINCED I was going to marry Walt! I was always stoked to get his cards. Never had the pleasure to meet him though. ***sigh***maybe in another life.

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