Happy Festivus!

24 12 2007

Just wanted to send a holiday greeting to everyone who has helped Wax Heaven become one of the biggest baseball card blogs on the web. I want to wish everyone a happy Festivus and a prosperous 2008. It’s been just over two months and 181 blogs written. If that’s not enough reason to be fired from my job then I don’t know what is. Stay tuned for many more blogs, video box breaks, product reviews, and random posts in the year to come, not to mention new features like “Wax Heaven MOJO” and updates to the ‘Comeback ’08’. As always, I am open to guest contributors for the site so if you have an opinion or even a suggestion send me an e-mail at WaxHeaven@Gmail.com.

-Mario Alejandro




4 responses

24 12 2007

So when is the airing of Grievances?

24 12 2007
Steve G.

Who will finally pin you down during the “Feats of Strength”?

25 12 2007

You just have to love the Festivus episode. It was hilarious. Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas to you Mario.

26 12 2007
Mario C.

It was one of the greatest episodes of Seinfeld, which is not saying much since pretty much each episode from seasons 4-9 were amazing.

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