Why didn’t I think of that!??

You know, ’86 Fleer put out a rookie card of Jose Canseco in which he is forced to share the spotlight with a real-life version of Cletus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel by the name of Eric Plunk. Never did I think to myself, “hmm….I should get Jose and Eric to sign this card!”

Well, a die-hard Cal Ripken fan and creator of a website called ‘Ripken in the Minors‘ went out and got Cal Ripken’s famous rookie card signed by Cal, and the two other, lesser-known players on the card. The results speak for themselves. The owner of the card has promised interviews from the players on the card very soon but in the meantime has left this message;

First off, I want to thank all of you who have followed this project since the start. The 1982 Topps Future Stars card #21 has always been close to my heart. The copy that I have has been in my collection has been in my collection for over half of my life. It was with me the night I met Cal a year ago. It’s a very special card that was only made more special through this project.

I had a great conversation with Bobby Bonner earlier, a conversation that has already made a huge impact on my life. For the longest the only significant name was that of Ripken. However, both Jeff Schneider and Bobby Bonner have gone on to great things. I look forward to typing up the interview that I had with Bobby. I also look forward to speaking with Jeff again in the future.

WEBSITE: Ripkenintheminors.com



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