The O.C.D Card Collector

I don’t know if this can be categorized as being O.C.D or just extremely anal but this is a day in the life of an O.C.D Card Collector.

1 box of Bowman Chrome – $100

This is a great release because not only do you have a great selection to choose from (veterans & rookies), there is also some great parallels (gold, refractor, gold refractor, X-Fractor, & SuperFractor), you also have a guaranteed autograph per box with its own parallels. So you open your box…now what?

For me it is the beginning of a long classification system that will send each card down a different path.

We will start off with commons. All commons are placed in my Commons Box by year and alphabetical order as categorized in Beckett Magazine. So Bowman would be first, Bowman Chrome second, etc. All commons are also placed in the box in alphabetical order by last name.

The Commons Box

The parallels that are of common players get put into a penny sleeves and placed in my Parallel Box with all my 2007 cards, in alphabetical order, according to Beckett, also each player is put in alphabetical order by their last name.

The Parallels Box

After all that is done we are left with veterans, rookies & first card issues. We will deal with the latter next.

Rookies and first card issues are usually players who have little to none in the experience department at the Majors but to throw them in with my commons would be an insult since the next Joba could very well be in there. So for that we have my Rookies Book. Each release is in alphabetical order of release according to Beckett BUT not by player. Throughout the year/s they will have a chance to be upgraded into the Star Box.

The Rookies Book

Next up is my Star Box, filled with Stars, Unlisted Stars, Semi-Stars, and Minor Stars. The entire box is in alphabetical order by last name. Furthermore, each card of a specific player is in alphabetical order according to Beckett. So, Albert Pujols Bowman would go before his Bowman Chrome card. Aside from the star box, each card in the box is placed in a penny sleeves and then into a top loader.

The Star Box

I know what you are saying, but Mario….what about autographs and game-used relics? Do you just place them into the Star Box? Of course not. They go into a screwdown case no matter the player. It could be the most worthless Khalil Green jersey patch and it will go into a screwdown seperate from the stars in its own box which I call the, well….I don’t have a catchy name for it. It’s just another big box with two rows full of screw downs. In the empty slots I keep cards that I am going to trade/scan or are being upgraded.

The Other Box

When pay day rolls around I do it all over again with another box. If I buy more than one box, it usually takes two days of working but the end result brings a weird, O.C.D smile to my face.



  1. Wow! I have never come across someone that handles their collection that way. I suppose the boxes are labeled with a label maker and you have dividers done the same? What would you charge to come and organize my collection? If Canseco takes you up on the ring offer maybe he could help with the sorting.

  2. I’ve got very similar habits, maybe even a little more OCD. Every card goes in a penny sleeve when it comes out of the pack. The sets I’m collecting go into 9-pocket pages in 3.5″ binders. The duplicates go in boxes. I don’t have the alphabetical filing scheme going on, and I still haven’t figured out a good way to store inserts. Good post, though. I’d like to see more info on storage and filing techniques from the various collecting blogs.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Rob.
    Maybe we will see other blogs do the same.

    Joey, it would cost nothing since I enjoy organizing cards. When I see a collection that is a mess it drives me nuts.

    I’d probably accept a Canseco or twenty as payment, though. 🙂

  4. My filing system is a little different. Each set has its own 3-ring binder with the cards in numerical order. Cards not in a set are put in a binder based on the team. Cards are put in the team book in alphabetical order, then by year of the card, and then by age of the card brand. Therefore, if I have 3 different brands of 1989 Greg Gross cards in the Phillie book, they’ll go (1) Topps, (2) Donruss, (3) Fleer, (4) Score, (5) Upper Deck…. If there is a superstar player, all doubles stay in the team book but, alas, poor Greg Gross only gets 1 copy of each different card. All common doubles go into a team box in the same order.

    I can easily get to cards I want to get to, but the challenge is moving cards around in the binders to insert new cards. I’ve learned to leave space after each letter in the alphabet and after each active player in order to be able to fill in cards. I’ve let down on that and am filling in a couple of years of cards now which will take a while. I’m glad to have a very patient wife.

    This is the only part of my life where I tend to be organized/anal retentive/OCD.

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