The Waxies (The Best of 2007)

Ugliest Card of 2007 & Worst Design

Today the baseball card industry pumps out one release after another with almost no break in between. So just when you are close to finishing your set of Upper Deck Series 1,…..series 2, 3, & 4 along with 7 other products are sitting on the shelf mocking you with every chance they get. That being said, it takes a lot of effort to be dubbed the worst design of any year and today, Wax Heaven is giving that award to…..

Upper Deck Artifacts

Sure, they came out with some gorgeous and creative inserts and relic pieces but their base set design was a snoozer. In fact, looking through my collection anytime I see a regular Artifacts card it gets passed up faster than a cheap Fleer and sometimes it doesn’t even get noticed at all.

As easy as it was to find the worst-looking base card it was a little more difficult finding a single worst card of 2007 but like announced in the teaser for the Waxies, 2007 Sport Kings Roger Clemens takes the crown. Maybe it was the recent revelation of being a Steroid-pumping, needle-fearing pussy or maybe just because the artists drew what was perhaps the most half-assed artwork ever. Whatever the case, Rocket is the winner!

Best & Worst Insert of 2007

There were so many different gimmicks in 2007, like the first ever DNA card of George Washington in Allen & Ginter and the Topps Co-Signers Moon Shots Dual Autograph of Alex Rodriguez & Buzz Aldrin, but nothing quite took off like the explosion of the SuperFractor. Today, prospectors are so desperate to get their greedy hands on the best rookie card possible that Supers of unknown, unproven, and probably guys who will be the next Juan Pierre or B.J Surhoff sold on eBay anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. The Waxies is not about worth of a card but overall greatness and nothing this year has come close to the recently released Topps Sterling Autographed, game-used relics.

The worst insert comes from just about any insert in the Sport Kings release. You can choose from a piece of a worn relic from Secretariat, the horse….to an autograph of Lou Ferigno, the 70’s Hulk or a cheap-looking Pete Rose card that Beckett was drooling over for some strange reason.

Best Base Design & Most Bang For Your Buck

The best base design was a battle between two releases that you could buy hobby boxes of for well under $100, not something that is common these days. Topps Turkey Red and Upper Deck Masterpieces both featured amazing artwork but it was Masterpieces that really shines once the dust settles. It might be the classic baseball photography that gave it the edge over the Dick Perez artwork in Turkey but it was a well-deserved win.

The Most Bang For Your Buck is a dying award because of the prices of wax boxes these days. Upper Deck is pushing packs of U.D Black for $250 that contains 1 single card, Sport Kings is 7 cards for $400, and Sweet Spot is $150 for 4 cards of Jason Veriteks and other bums. That is why it was so refreshing to open up a box of 2007 Bowman Heritage and not only pull out an autograph on the card but also a game-used relic, many parallels, and tons of base cards and rookie cards to start your collection. This is the box I would recommend to anyone who does not collect and wants to start up or to the guy that gave up collecting in the late 90’s when the industry imploded.

Best of 2007

If you are new to baseball cards and ’07 Bowman Heritage is your first box I would BEG that you buy a box of ’07 Upper Deck SPx as your second box. You may not agree but close to 20 boxes opened this year, NOTHING has been as exciting as fun as my one box break of SPx. For $160 a box it may not be the cheapest but you are going to get 10 “hits” and some of the most beautiful base cards in the history of baseball, in my opinion. I pulled 6 game-used and 4 autographs of some of today’s best and tomorrow’s stars. The year may be winding down but if I had a chance at one more box of SPx, you can bet your collection I would go for it.

Runners-Up: Topps Finest (Refractors, “Hits”), and Bowman Chrome (“Joba Mania”).



  1. Jesus, you got a 1/1 Ripken Auto? Wow, no wonder you liked SPX so much.

    You gotta hand it to Jeter though, that is one of the most random scribbliest looks nothing like human language autographs ever, yet it is still identical to the Jeter auto I pulled this year.

    The exact same number of loops and swirls, all in the exact same place. eerie.

  2. I always wanted a box of UD Masterpieces, but unlike you, I’m sticking to not collecting and just buying random packs occasionally.

  3. 100% of those cards pictured came from eBay.
    I don’t have enough time to pull all my stuff out since I keep them categorized in the most anal way imaginable.

  4. This describes me perfectly:

    “…or to the guy that gave up collecting in the late 90’s when the industry imploded”

    …and I couldn’t agree more, the Bowman Heritage set was a perfect re-introduction to the hobby for me.

  5. I hope not. I hate how everything revolves around game used or auto cards. Whatever happened to pulling a star or a player you like and being happy?

  6. I am VERY happy when I pull cards of players I like (check out the video box breaks) but game-used and auto’s add another level of excitement that pulling a nice Griffey Jr. base card will not match up with.

  7. Okay Mario, since you teased it in the comments I have to know what this ‘anal’ way of categorizing your cards is. How about making it a blog post?

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