Jose Canseco is a loser (UPDATE)

Damn, it hurts to say it but look at the guy. Two weeks ago his Rookie of the Year ring went up on eBay for close to $600 and didn’t sell now it is back on-line with a starting bid of $99.99. Could the man be any more desperate? Jose, you are making it almost impossible to support you. Get a fucking job. I know it sucks but we all have to work for our money and by the looks of it, you don’t have much left to pawn off. You only have one M.V.P and R.O.Y and a couple of ‘Comeback Player of the Year’ awards but what else? They don’t give diamond rings for most leading the league in grounding into double plays or else you would make a killing off eBay!

If I give you $99 will you come hang out and open some wax with me? I don’t mind just so long as that nasty, hairy, birthmark doesn’t make contact with any of the cards or my eyes for the matter. What will you think of next? Selling yourself to fans while on house arrest? Oh crap…..


The ring has caught fire and is currently going for over $1,000! Guess Jose still has some fans after all.

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8 thoughts on “Jose Canseco is a loser (UPDATE)

  1. I’m sorry, man. It must be rough to see your favorite player plummet from stardom. I don’t know what I would do if Cecil Fielder (my favorite from the ’90s) was pulling the same shit Canseco is. By the way, do you have a new favorite, or are you kind of sticking with the Marlins in general?

  2. You, Tatiana and Jose doing a video box break. That would be cool. And also wierd if you were busting a box of say 87 Fleer.

  3. But Ortiz, Howard, Pujols, Glavine, Clemens and Schilling inject more steroids.

  4. Joey, it would be awesome! Me, Tati, & Jose bustin’ ’87 Fleer while listening to Def Leppard’s Hysteria album and wearing Alf shirt.

    Dylan, I have always been an Albert Belle fan so I was very familiar with Manny Ramirez (Al’s teammate with the Indians in the 90’s) so I was a Manny fan before many knew who he even was.

    For now I collect Prince, Hanley, and Andrew Miller BEFORE he was traded to the Marlins—now he is my man!

  5. Hmmm… whose boobs would you zoom into if you were to do a box break? Mine or Canseco’s? I guess you could take turns….

    Babe, just try to keep from drooling all over the lens if it ever happens.

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