Wax Heaven Mailday II

Damn, this whole trading of baseball cards on-line has been a smashing success!

First, I look in the mail box and find a package from Steve G., of the great baseball card blog, White Sox Cards. I quickly rip it open and find 4 Jose Canseco cards (2 new, 2 repeats), a cool Miguel Cabrera card and two random cards; a Tigers card and for some weird reason, a Derek Jeter Upper Deck Masterpieces. I didn’t think much of the Tigers card but the Jeter was boggling my mind. When my wife arrived and saw the package she yelled, “this is the one we didn’t pull” and much like the end of The Usual Suspects, it all came to me at once. Steve G. watched the Masterpieces Video Box Break and noticed my wife didn’t pull her favorite player in the box, Derek Jeter, and was quite disappointed about it. Steve, I am guessing you are very popular with the ladies. Thanks very much for the great cards and even greater trade. I am currently working on my next trade for you and have found 26 more White Sox cards, including 100% of all my Chi-Town cards from Bowman & Bowman Chrome, my most prized possession. I hope you enjoy. Here is a scan from some of the 26 cards (1 auto, 1 g/u relic, 1 #’d, and much more).

White Sox Scan

The other trade in the works comes from what I believe to be the most creative baseball card blog, Cardboard Junkie. He sent me an email after two long weeks of promising some nice Jose Canseco cards from his collection but I was losing faith he’d ever send it. The scan he sent this morning was jaw-dropping and I am dying to get my grubby, little hands on them. Up for trade on my end is my entire Andruw & Chipper Jones pulled in ’07. The card list goes something like this, 1 g/u relic, 2 refractors, & 2 cards #’d to 250, plus 27 other cards! Here is a scan from a select few cards being traded.

Atlanta Braves Scan

Aside from that I received two cards from eBay, one features the infamous Jose Canseco “Boy-Stache” and the other is a gorgeous game/used relic card. Both cards cost me less than $10 with shipping. I am a happy man!


One comment

  1. Well, I’m popular with my fiancee, and that’s good enough for me.

    The other Tigers card (Rabelo) was included in the Andrew Miller trade to the Marlins. Since he’s currently a Marlin, I thought I’d throw him in.

    The cards in the scan look awesome! I am salivating at the prospect of obtaining those cards.

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