eTopps: I smell a bad idea

I will admit that I am new to baseball cards of today and only restarted my collection late 2007. Maybe I am not up on all my lingo yet but I know a bad idea when I see one. At first glance I thought eTopps was a Topps release that put some of our favorite players in different uniforms and/or a unique on-line exclusive card set. After doing some research I find out that in reality eTopps are cards that are only available through Topps’ website and are meant to be viewed on a computer screen. So basically, you pay a ridiculous fee for a card that doesn’t even list in Beckett and you never actually recieve it in person but instead it is stored by Topps for “safekeeping”. If you don’t like the idea of keeping them at Topps’ warehouse you can choose to have them delivered but of course, that too will cost you extra and when it arrives it will be in an ugly unbreakable case so don’t even think about trying to actual make physical contact with the card. God forbid!

What is perhaps the greatest feature of eTopps is the partnership with eBay which means that you can sell your card or a clever HTML code of your card for REAL money. Seriously, look at this auction. The card sure looks nice but you are not getting a physical card, just a pretty .jpeg file available for your viewing pleasure on your computer, but only after you have registered and created an account at eTopps. Tricky!

So, I am now an eTopps member and knowing how naive, err…I mean smart prospectors and card collectors are I have bought 12, yes 12, ultra-rare 2001 eTopps signed Albert Pujols rookies and I am selling them for $500 a pop in real cash, no Flooz accepted. I believe that is as good as a price as you can find them. Twenty years from now you will be living in huge mansions and traveling all over the world and thanking me, Mario Alejandro, for selling you these wonderful, highly-desired, can’t-miss, beautiful, and rare baseball cards.



  1. This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It’s ridiculous. Wow. Topps… you disappoint me.

  2. This blog is full of inaccuracies & untruths. eTopps are a “a unique on-line exclusive card set”. You do buy a physical serial-numbered, limited production card. If you so desire, you can have it shipped to you. You can also sell it, or trade it online without taking physical possession of it. You can have them store it for you and take possession at a later date. Autographed eTopps cards are different though. These are cards that were original eTopps issued cards that are later, sometimes years later, signed by the player. To obtain one of these, you must have that card in your online portfolio or obtain one by trade, or purchase. You then pay the signing fee. Once signed, you must take physical possession of this often very limited issue signed card. Since there were only 32 of the 2001 Pujols signed, I believe this blogger is in error in saying he has 12 of them. You can find the real story by looking at the website:

  3. I did say that you had an option to receive the card but you have to pay a fee for that.

    ….about the Pujols. They are mine. 😉 Let me know if you want to buy a couple.

  4. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…. may I call you that Bobby?
    Hope it’s not a big deal if I do.

    Bobby, the only one that is ever allowed to call Mr.Wax Heaven an idiot is me, his wife.

    Personally, I completely agree with the blog. If anything idiotic here, it is the ETopps idea.
    So, if you have any problems with that, you can e-mail me personally. Okay? Thanks.

    Good-bye. 🙂

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