WaxHeaven.com presents: The Comeback ’08

Common sense tells me it is impossible. I was never a fan of common sense. It’s been two years since my last baseball game. I was a stud then, a powerful, yet speedy 180 lbs. version of Rickey Henderson with a mix of Jose Canseco thrown in for fun. A rotator cuff injury ended my playing career, not to mention my entire interest in sports-related activities. I could no longer lift weights or even train, let alone throw a baseball 20 feet without excruciating pain in my throwing arm.

The years went by and a life in ‘Suburbia’ swallowed me up whole. I now have a son, wife, and a small home with a big yard and garage for my family vehicle. I work at an advertising agency as a Jr. Manager and spend my weekends making it a ‘Blockbuster Night’ while drinking beers up till 3 in the morning watching repeats of Sport Center till I can recite all the corny catchphrases thrown out by other wanna-be and/or failed athletes.

This is not the end. I can make a comeback. I have three months to lose the fat, gain the muscle, and through lots of hard work, bring back my throwing arm to what it once was. I have to hit the cages, get some fielding work in, and walk onto a field full of some of the best players not currently in majors. In 2005 I met guys who made it all the way to AAA with teams such as the Cincinnati Reds & Milwaukee Brewers. Other guys were lifetime athletes through High School and into College. I don’t expect to outshine those guys, but if I can get into playing condition by February, and my shoulder is in good shape there is no way I could miss the cut.

Along the way I will be posting video updates of my training, practice, and more, all the way up to February 17th. On that day I will have my wife there with our trusty camcorder video taping either my pathetic demise into old age or my brilliant comeback into semi-pro baseball. Either way, you will be witness to it all.

Yours Truly,

Mario Alejandro



  1. Good Luck Mario. I remember the days when I dreamed of playing ball. I too have a shoulder problem. Another thing about watching Field of Dreams again it made me want to go out and throw the ball around even though I know my shoulder would feel like it was detached from my body afterward.

    I can’t wait for the video post series. Maybe it can be a new reality TV show.

  2. Thanks, Joey!
    It will be near impossible but maybe I’ll put Major League on the tube to the part where Wild Thing comes out of the bullpen to pitch and his music blasts. That should work for me!

  3. Good luck, man. This sounds pretty exciting. I’m only 22 and think about trying out for some semi-pro leagues every so often. I know I can throw, think I can hit, and am skeptical about fielding fly balls. Maybe someday I’ll do it too…

  4. So, not only will I be rooting for you, but I get to be there with you every step of the way.
    Don’t worry, babe. I won’t giggle if your batting is rusty and I’ll try to wipe the grin off my face when I see your belly jiggle as you run.
    Just know that this will be an amazing experience for both of us and everyone who visits WaxHeaven.
    I look forward to being your sexy, silent, videotaping, cheerleader on the sidelines. 🙂

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