Topps ’08 – Not too shabby

I know fellow baseball card Bloggers have deemed the design of the set a failure and many have agreed but taking a closer look into the sell sheet, I don’t know if that is the case. To be honest, I avoided the ’07 Topps release because for the longest time regular Topps has bored me to death. I didn’t even want the Chrome version but bought it just to pick up a couple of Refractors and an autograph.

The 2008 design is a step forward from last year’s release and while it does look a little cheap, can you imagine what the refractors will look like? Perhaps the most interesting insert is the ‘By The Name’ relic cards very similar to SP Authentic, except more rare (1 of 1) and the mini-replica jerseys. There will also be tons of autographs from over 50 players and one possible first lady. I know I would be pissed if I got that card, well, unless I can sell it on eBay for $50+.

One relic & one auto per Hobby box. Will you bite on this 2008 release? If it’s under $70 I know I will!



  1. hilarys auto selling for 50 plus ?

    no way i cans ee it selling for quite a bit more.
    as fars as the design of the set. i think it looks pretty damn good. also 1000 times better then last years

  2. I like it a lot better than last year’s Topps. I would imagine both Hilary and Obama’s autos selling for close to 100 when they come out.

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