The Blacklist – Mo Vaughn

Well, it is all said and done. The Mitchell Report kept its promise of naming names and the biggest surprise to come out, at least to me, was fan-favorite and community hero, Mo Vaughn. Mo, a teammate of Jose Canseco in the mid-90’s had a great run of 6 seasons where he could do no wrong, statistically. He was ‘Big Papi’ before David Ortiz took it and ran with it.

What is most revealing about Mo Vaughn is that he didn’t have his first great season until 1995, when he hit 39 home runs, 126 RBI, .300 batting average and took the MVP trophy away from a more deserving Albert Belle (50, 126, .317). Why is it revealing? That year is when the Red Sox traded a bunch of small-time players to Texas for one big one in Jose Canseco.

According to Wikipedia, Vaughn was not as great a human being as I once thought. He had an incident where he punched a man in the mouth at a night club and another where he crashed his truck while driving home from a strip club. Now, years after his last game in 2003 his name has appeared on the infamous Mitchell Report, which is an automatic ticket into the Wax Heaven Blacklist.

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