The Blacklist – David Justice

Imagine being 23-years old and getting paid millions to play a game. Now, imagine being great at what you do and becoming a full-fledged star, waking up to a half-nude Halle Berry every morning. That was the life of David Justice in the 90’s. Of course, nothing lasts forever and the team you helped put on the map dumps you to Cleveland. From there, traded to the Yankees, and finally to the team Jose Canseco put on the man, the Oakland A’s. Your next stop is retirement and divorce court. How did you fuck it up, David?

During the Mitchell Press conference, David’s name was one of the many mentioned. Ironically, Justice’s numbers don’t quite age well in the Steroid-era. He hit 30+ home runs, and 100+ RBI just three times and batted .300 or better in three different seasons of a 14 year career. That didn’t stop his name from being mentioned, an accusation he vehemently denies. Until it is proven otherwise, he will be added to the Wax Heaven Blacklist.



  1. Dave alienated a bunch of people when he mouthed off before game 6 of the ’95 world series. He wasn’t totally wrong in what he said but the timing was terrible and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. That’s probably a big reason why he was shipped off to Cleveland in the Lofton trade.

    Stuff like this is why I don’t have a high opinion of the Mitchell report. First off it lumps HGH with Steroids and they are both completely different. Steroids definitely bulk you up, HGH might make you heal faster, maybe, but they sure don’t improve performance. MLB should be spending money on research on how to use this stuff safely, not on tests to catch people using it. Then that gets into the nation’s drug policy and I could fill a whole blog full of rants on that…

    I’m not even that shocked that Dave is on the report, he played for the New York and Oakland and those two cities are in the center of this whole mess. I also don’t know how the hell you can prove a negative. Mitchell says in the report he bought HGH from this guy, show us the check. Mitchell’s making the claim, the burden of proof is on him. At least it would be in a court of law, but this report is just more grandstanding.

  2. Ok first off if David actually used steroids wouldn’t he have been a heavier hitter. I think he’s the greatest but that’s not why I’m defending him…he was on the DL for most of the season since he played for Cleveland. Steroids would have made him a better player…although there is still much love from me to this man.

    At least he turned out better then Hallie Berry…maybe it didn’t last long because she really is crazy…I mean she supposively feared for her life in an accident when it was her that hit the other lady. Yeah I’m sure she’s going to get you after you ram into her car!!

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