MLB: Give back what belongs to Maris!

The record books will lie to you and tell you the all-time career home run record belongs to a black Hulk-like asshole named Barry Bonds, when it actually belongs to a heroic and brave man named Hank Aaron. They also lie and say that the single-season record belongs to Bonds as well. LIES!!!

Roger Maris probably lost 10 years of his life chasing Babe Ruth in 1961. He was hated by the media and fans, labeled an “outsider”, and began losing his hair, not to mention his family life began to suffer all for the chase of 61 home runs. After all was said and done what did he have to show for it? He was not elected into the Hall of Fame and died with an asterisk next to his home run record. He died believing that his record was not worth a damn and that’s about as tragic as it gets. It took ridiculous amounts of Steroids for anyone to come close to his record and finally was shattered by Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds. Two of those three men are guilty and one, well it’s only a matter of time.

It may not have been the death of baseball as some crazy Bloggers predicted, but there are many fans and collectors who have given up on the sport and wiping those three cheaters off the books is a step in the right direction. Yeah, it will never happen but a guy can wish, can’t he?


One comment

  1. No, it is possible. Selig should depants those bastards and find all the fuckin’ trackmarks in their asses. ‘Nuff said. Take the records away. Forget the last 20 years happened.

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