2007 Topps Turkey Red

“Dick Comes Through!”

Maybe not the best intro but I’ll let you wrestle with that one. I went into ’07 Topps Turkey Red not expecting much. For starters, I didn’t know what the cards looked like and let the card shop guy talk me into purchasing it sight unseen. I was surprised at how beautiful the cards are and Dick Perez makes up for his Allen & Ginter disaster by producing some of the best sports artwork I have ever seen!

Design – A+ – It doesn’t get much better than this. This is Topps’ answer to Upper Deck Masterpieces and it clearly won this round. The base cards are beautiful and the Refractor technology is at it’s best. Even the parallel inserts are perfect and the inserts are some of the best-looking of ’07!

Price – B – At $96 it is a little bit much, but for the amount of base cards you get, not to mention 2 auto’s and 1 relic it is not too bad. It’s $10 or so more than Bowman Heritage but carries all the flash Bowman is missing, albeit purposely.

Pulls – B – I got every single star I collect and about 15 Mantle cards but the hits were questionable at best. First, I got a huge Alex Gordon card #’d to 25 signed by Dick Perez and then a Gordon auto on sticker, followed by a game-used Josh Hamilton. I don’t think I am being picky when I say those cards suck.

Overall – A – A great product that renewed my interest in Topps. You can bet that next year I will be first in line for a Hobby box of Turkey Red with hopes of something a little better than Gordon and Hamilton.




  1. Agreed for the most part on the Turkey Red though I thought the Jeter card (pictured) looked more like Whitey Ford.

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