2007 Bowman Little League

There was once a part of me that thought that I was obsessed with Bowman Chrome. That all ended back in the late 90’s when I overpaid on a box of ’98 Bowman Chrome only to look through the cards today and see nothing but commons and players that are not even playing baseball anymore. What was I thinking? I simply wanted to cash in on the sport collector’s rookie obsession and make a killing along the way. It was no longer about a love of baseball or baseball cards. It was simply GREED.

If you think collector’s wised-up and stopped letting companies capitalize on their greed you are absolutely wrong all thanks in part to a 2001 Bowman Chrome rookie card of Albert Pujols that does not sell for less than $3,000…ever. Since then, every collector and prospector has been buying up Bowman product like it is going out of style and pulling hundreds and thousands of refractors, autographs, and now even relics of 17 & 18 year old minor league players in hopes of owning the next big rookie card. It has gotten way out of hand now. Not only is there Bowman and Bowman Chrome for your rookie needs, there is now also SP Rookie Edition, Topps ’52 Rookie Edition, Upper Deck Future Stars, and now Bowman Draft Picks!

As if that is not bad enough, the Beckett Message Board is now littered with brag threads about opening up cases, not boxes, cases of the stuff and pulling auto’s and Superfractors of the next Travis Lee and/or Kevin Maas. Some people are way out of control, too. One guy pulled a dual autograph Superfractor and was “shaking” physically from being so thrilled. Seriously? A look into the Box Breaks Forum, usually a great place to see all kinds of products being opened and cards put up for trade currently has 27 out of 30 topics on the front page about nothing more than Bowman Draft. That is no longer funny, it’s on the level of Fanboy status.

So to make some nice money on the side, Wax Heaven has teamed up with Bowman and together we are releasing Bowman Chrome Little League. At $150 per box you are guaranteed 1 autograph, 5 refractors, and a bunch of little league cards stolen from the wallets of my co-workers and friends. So today I bring you a sneak peak at Bowman Little League. Reserve your copy today!!!

Bowman Little League base card

Bowman Little League Autograph

Bowman Little League 1/1 Printing Plate


  1. Yeah crazy that someone would invest time and money into baseball cards… wait, isn’t this a website devoted to baseball cards???

  2. Very funny and I’m curious which is the error card.
    Darius signs his last name MacMultry but it is printed on the card as McMultry. Is this a variant? short print? will corrected cards be issued? How many cases do I need to bust to get all the McMultry/MacMultry cards?

  3. OH MY GOD! You think we will pull our very own London card?!?! I hope we get the game used diaper! 😀

  4. Nice! I think instead of using red, which is reserved for veterans anyway, you should have used a yellow color on the card.

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