“A perfect gift for the Holidays”

It’s not my fault that it took me 3 months to buy a box of ’07 Bowman Heritage. By the time I did get it I had pretty much seen every card posted at Cardboard Junkie. The thrill was completely gone. I don’t regret finally busting a box but next time I got to get my hands on them a little sooner.

Design – C – Okay, while these cards are gorgeous they are just a rehash of ’52 Bowman. I love that the backgrounds of the cards all use some backgrounds from the originals but my lazy eyes would have never thought twice to notice. What really hurts the design is the inserts. ‘Sign of the Times’ is so dull that it almost got passed up and put into the commons when busting the box and the relic cards are well-designed but way too small.

Price – A – For $75 you get TONS of cards and two hits, including an autograph on the card. You can’t go wrong with that! For the price, this is one of the best values in baseball cards.

Pulls – A – I can’t complain. I got all the super stars, an over-hyped Yankee hero, and a Manny Ramirez card I have been drooling over fo three months.

Overall – B – I can’t give it a perfect grade but 2007 Bowman Heritage comes as close to perfect as you can get. If you have been out of card collecting for a while I would recommend this box above any other. It’s the perfect release to bring someone back into the hobby.