The next baseball card phenomenom?

A few months ago the entire baseball card world (and every History Nerd) was abuzz over the inclusion of a piece of D.N.A from none other than George Washington in a 1/1 Allen & Ginter card. Well, I might have just unearthed the next big hit of 2008 and it comes from none other than those crazy Brits!

On Wednesday, a lock of former Beatle, John Lennon’s hair was purchased in an auction by an unknown phone bidder. How much do you want to bet that it was Topps and as soon as the Pot-scented hair arrives in New York that it gets chopped up and placed in 2008 Allen & Ginter? From the size of the lock it looks as if we could have a 5-piece set. Of course, this is just speculation but you can’t count Topps out, specially after being Punk’d by Upper Deck’s Asterisks and Michael Buysner rookie cards in ’07 Sweet Spot.

It should be noted that the hair was expected to sell anywhere between $4,000-6,000 but instead sold to Topps, err…I mean, the winning bidder for $48,000!

Reserve my copy of Allen & Ginter now!



  1. Ugh… no more hair cards, please…

    Next they’ll be digging people up and inserting little bone fragments into cards. People busted cases like mad looking for those GW cards though, so I guess it’s inevitable that we’ll get a repeat.

  2. I would never buy ANYONE’S hair but I am a Beatles fan. I think I’ll just stick to my ‘Revolver’ album while busting packs of ’08 A&G.

    Not that I would mind pulling one out, though. It would pay for a new car. 🙂

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