The Day Baseball Died.

The Mitchell Report is out and as expected, many familiar names are on the list. Some of these players are unknown to most, others have humble followings, and the rest are fan-favorites once almost guaranteed to enter the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

We have yet to get Bud Selig’s official response to the Mitchell Report but with his press conference starting shortly it is believed that there will not be much in the way of player suspensions. For the retired players, there is not much that can be done but true baseball fans will appreciate knowing for sure who cheated and who didn’t. For those who are on the list that receive no kind of punishment from the commissioner, at best I hope the shame they brought to the game and loss of fan support is enough to keep today’s young sluggers, and tomorrow’s super stars from cheating to pad their numbers.

Thursday, December 13th is a day that baseball fans will never forget.

Below is the actual list I am making as the press conference takes place. The official list will follow when it is posted at

Roger Clemens

Andy Petitte

Miguel Tejada

Barry Bonds

Brian Roberts

Jack Cust

Gary Sheffield

Paul Lo Duca

Eric Gagne

John Rocker

Lenny Dykstra

Chuck Knoblauch

Mo Vaughn

Benito Santiago

Jason Giambi

Matt Williams

Rondell White

Kevin Brown

David Justice

Glen Allen Hill

Greg Zaun

Todd Hundley

Mike Lansing

David Segui

Rick Ankiel

Gary Mathews Jr.

Troy Glaus

Jose Guillen

Denny Neagle

Fernando Vina

David Bell

Jose Canseco

Ismael Valdez

Bobby Estalella

Jeremy Giambi

Marvin Bernard




  1. The Mitchell reports is garbage and 99% heresay – the Real report is what you will find in Juiced and Vindicated-Jose Canseco’s books.
    George Mitchell talked to and seemingly strong armed alot of people for the information in his report. Jose Canseco was there and was the supplier and in some cases the injector.
    F.Y.I-NOBODY has denied Jose’s accusations like they have Mitchell’s.

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